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LessLoss' 640X Firewall Modules draw 6moons praise…'s Srajan Ebaen gets serial with multiple modules from LessLoss—and finds the improvements just keep coming.

Read his review of both the new 640X Firewall Module and the not-yet-released C-MARC™ Entropic Process Firewall 640X+ in full here and visit our 640X product page here for more detail, pricing, etc. Below are a few highlights from the review.

"With UHF pollution from cellphone towers, switching power supplies and wireless protocols aka electro smog escalating, noise is virtually everywhere. That definitely includes our AC and signal cabling. Products like the 640X put their foot down to say "no more”."

"The massively serialized bunch treated power for three components at once. That made the sound darker, softer, denser, moved it forward then dialled up contrast"

"…the sound brightened up quite as though I'd turned up a light dimmer which the six had turned down"

"If your notion of resolution enhancements is more speed, detail and crispness, the LessLoss 640X tech does it different"

"…higher contrast plus softer darker density… those don't often go together… here they do"

"The soundstage moved back a bit, image outlines grew sharper, contrast ratio stepped down"

"…it became dead obvious: micro-dynamic range had expanded. That gave melodic arcs more expression. The performer's small inflections and accents registered as deeper so had more wiggly life and less flat-lined dynamic evenness"


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