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Lindemann musicbook:10 DSD Rated "Outstanding" by Hi-Fi World

In the latest issue of Hi-Fi World (June 2017) the Lindemann musicbook:10 DSD has been awarded the magazine's highest rating of 5 Globes, earning it the title of "Outstanding".

Martin Pipe took on the task of reviewing the unit, testing it with an Arcam A49 Integrated Amplifier and a pair of Quadral Aurum Wotan VIII loudspeakers. A Windows 7 PC and a Cambridge CXN streamer were also used as sources to stream the music from.

"And at high listening levels, 'grittiness' is kept at bay; not even bass-heavy tracks like Pye Corner Audio's Sleep Games could throw it."

"Bluetooth (compressed via apt-x)" performed beyond expectations."

"...Dance of the Tumblers was portrayed with vitality and exuberance - a joy to listen to, the Musicbook DSD 10 taking the piece's dynamic swings within its stride."

Pipe also said throughout his review that DSD tracks were played to their fullest potential, ultimately saying that it was " of the better-sounding units I've tried as far as DSD is concerned".

"A real sense of space is imparted. I was engrossed in the music; surely this is what high-fidelity is about?"

"...with a test 'favourite' of mine, an analogue tape-originated Blue Coast DSD64 of Keith Greeniger and Dayan Kai's guitars-and-vocals Looking For A Home, I could almost sense the players in the room..."

The overall conclusion was that the Lindemann musicbook:10 DSD is a capable component that can stand up to many of its competitors, especially when it comes to DSD playback.

The full review can be read here.

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