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Luxman L-507z integrated amplifier and the PD-151 MKII turntable have been released

In recent news Luxman have released their new Z series integrated amplifier the L-507Z as well as the PD-151 MKII turntable from close to a century of success we are certain this product will live up to the high standard upheld by the brand.

Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier and PD-151 MKII Turntable set against a black background, highlighting the sleek design of Luxman's latest high-fidelity audio equipment.

The 507z uses their latest amplification feedback engine which is said to bring your music to life and is aptly named LIFES version 1.0. This improved feedback engine provides realistic, fresh and rich musicality plus overwhelming audio performance. The next generation of Luxman's products begins here, through rigorous efforts and specially selected components they believe they have achieved a quality well suited for the next generation of Luxman products.

Front view of the Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier, slightly elevated to showcase the detailed craftsmanship and elegant controls, against a dark backdrop.

Luxman’s new electronically controlled attenuator the LECUA1000 88-step, is integrated into the amplifier circuit minimizing the degradation of sound quality over the full range of volume control. The output section of the preamplifier is equipped with discrete buffer circuitry that confidently drives the subsequent power amplifier stage.

Top-down interior view of the Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier, displaying the meticulous internal arrangement and high-quality components on a white background.

The new version of the PD-151 comes with a multitude of upgrades. A new brushless DC motor designed to enable controlled, precise drive for the turntable and a new S-shaped tonearm (known as the LTA-309). Records sit on a 4kg aluminium platter which has a large moment of inertia (MOI) to promote smooth and stable rotation.

Luxman PD-151 MKII Turntable viewed from a diagonal angle, emphasizing its modern design and precision S-shaped tonearm, on a pristine white background.

Many audiophiles love the warmth, organic texture and uncanny beauty of analog music reproduction. Both the drive motor and power transformer have had internal damping material applied to reduce any interference with the audio signals going through the deck, while the underslung structure which sees heavy components attached to the underside of the turntable’s 10mm aluminium top panel to help with rigidity and vibration damping.

Direct front view of the Luxman PD-151 MKII Turntable, showcasing its clean lines and stylish platter, highlighted against a white background for a focused look.

Both of these products have been designed and constructed to a next level standard, with improvements both technologically and with the design choices they are sure to make any audiophile best pleased with their purchase. For more details visit our product page using the links Luxman L-507z and Luxman DP-151 MKII.

The Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier captured head-on, illustrating its classic aesthetic with a contemporary edge and visible setting controls, set on a white background.


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