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Mark Levinson's No.5105 turntable "beautifully built and a pleasure to use"

What HiFi? added their approving voices towards Mark Levinson's new No.5105 turntable—praising its build and finish, ease of set-up and presentation.

See some highlights below, read the review in full at What HiFi? and visit our product page for more reviews and technical spec, etc.

"…the partnership has done a great job with regards to the basic engineering, build and finish of this deck—it really is lovely. The plinth is made of an immaculately machined block of nearly 50mm thick aluminium. It feels immensely solid and goes a long way to explaining the No.5105’s hefty 34kg weight.”

"The No.5105 is no harder to get working than a typical budget Pro-Ject or Rega, and that’s something to be praised"

“… this Mark Levinson is a convincing performer delivering a pleasing level of clarity”

"There’s plenty of attack here and it’s matched to a pleasing degree of control and composure”

"This Mark Levinson sounds big-boned and composed no matter what we throw at it.”

"…we’re impressed by the turntable’s resistance to feedback, which points to a well-controlled chassis and good levels of isolation.”

"There’s good insight when we play Orff’s Carmina Burana, the turntable able to communicate the over-the-top drama of this piece well. Singers come through with a convincing presence and there’s no issue in revealing subtle instrumental or vocal textures”

"There’s a good sense of scale here, and we’re pleased with the package’s ability to render a stable yet layered stereo image. Instruments are nicely focused and their positioning doesn’t start to blur when the music becomes more demanding.”

"That’s enough to make it worth a listen”

"There’s always a danger of a manufacturer struggling when it steps out of its comfort zone, but that certainly isn’t the case here. We get the impression that Mark Levinson set out to deliver a highly polished and easy-to-use, premium record-playing package, and that is exactly what it has done”

"It excels when the music demands a large-scale and powerful presentation”

"If you’re looking for sonic authority, this could well be the deck for you. We play Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and are impressed with the boldness of the presentation. The No.5105 sounds muscular, delivering the dynamic swings of the music with authority”

"Terrific build and finish” | "Simple to set up and use” | "Precise and confident presentation"

"The Mark Levinson No.5105 is beautifully built and lovely to use,

with a sound that's clear and insightful"


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