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Metrum Onyx DAC reviewed by Terry Ellis

The mid-range DAC from Netherlands-based Metrum Acoustics surprises with its Performance V Price.

Watch the review in full below—or find this and other video reviews here—and see the product page with more detail and pricing etc here.

“…it creates a big sound—a big solid sound with a nice wide soundstage, with lots of detail packed into that soundstage”

“I think you will notice and appreciate its fullness of sound, its nicely textured sound and its nice combination of smoothness with immediacy”

“…there’s real drive and energy behind the music and there is a nice solid and full bass”

“that was one of the surprises for me—its performance in relation to its price”

“…you can clearly hear how the Onyx justifies its £2399 price tag…”

“I have never seen a DAC designed like this before”


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