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Metrum's Ambre Roon Bridge wins Stereonet applause…

Reviewer Michael Evans bestows the Stereonet 'Applause Award' to the Metrum Ambre, declaring that this off-the-shelf bridge is destined to convert swathes of non-believers.

You can read that review at stereonet here—and you can see more product details and buy it here!

"…playing a Tidal MQA file of Forest Fire by James Blake showed a significant increase in sound quality over my reference Chord Poly; things improved in almost every area. Bass was deeper, vocals clearer, dynamics greater and the stereo imagery better defined. The biggest difference though was that the Ambre was so much smoother in its delivery, making the Poly seem almost grainy in comparison."

"…Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Scheherazade' sounded butter-smooth, yet highly involving. 'Sheep' by Pink Floyd provided a musical journey showcasing every improvement this little box brings. With more modern recordings such a Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy', I was given a great insight into the recording, with Eilish's multitracked vocals being better separated and defined compared to the Chord.

"…it offers powerful multiroom functionality"


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