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ModWright Instruments, the original modification specialists, partners with Elite Audio.

Elite Audio are excited to announce that they have teamed up with another highly respected International Hi-Fi manufacturer – this time it’s the original modification specialists, ModWright Instruments! Exclusively available in the UK through Elite Audio.

Founded in 2000 in Washington USA, this acclaimed manufacturer established itself as a specialist in modifying digital products. In providing cost-effective mods that satisfied the discerning audiophile, ModWright Instruments (MWI) built up a fantastic reputation within our industry. Winning worldwide acclaim for their Truth series of modifications – utilising tube analog stages – MWI naturally progressed into building their own equipment.

In 2003 they introduced the 9.0 series of preamplifiers, maintaining their promise of creating high performance audio components that deliver on quality and value. The range also included a phono preamplifier and later a balanced tube linestage, the fantastic LS 36.5. In 2009 they completed their ‘ModWright Electronics system’ with the KWA 150 amplifier!

Speaking of this new partnership with Elite Audio, Dan Wright, President of ModWright Instruments Inc, commented “we are thrilled to have representation by Elite Audio in the UK, wherein we are confident that our mission statement, Elegance.Simplicity.Truth, will be well maintained. We have asked Elite Audio to represent our products because we feel they share a passion for Audio and the commitment to exceptional customer service”.

Mark Cargill, owner of Elite Audio, also commented “We have known of ModWright and their reputation for a number of years now, but it wasn’t until 2018 that we first experienced their ‘genius’ firsthand as we welcomed a KWA 100SE Amplifier to our showroom. Ever since we have been fans! MWI clearly prides itself on quality and their attention to customer service – a perfect match for the Elite Audio family.

Even during a worldwide pandemic, we are proud to be attracting partnerships with the very best manufacturers across the globe.”

Although we are all experiencing changes under these unprecedented circumstances, it is business as usual for Elite Audio - they are available online, via the telephone and of course email. They are expecting their first shipment of MWI products very soon – these include the KWH 225i Integrated Amplifier and the PH 9.0 Tube Phono Stage. You can contact them now to arrange a home demo and do keep an eye on the UK Hi-Fi Press as reviews are planned!


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