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New Audiolab 9000 Series now available to order…

Did you know that the new 9000 series from Audiolab is now available to buy here at EliteAudioUK? That includes both the Audiolab 9000CDT CD Transport and the Audiolab 9000A Integrated Amplifier—see full details below.

 A side perspective of the Audiolab 9000A Integrated Amplifier, highlighting its sleek silver chassis, ventilation grid, and the accompanying black remote control with silver accents.

Audiolab contends that the 9000A Integrated Amplifier is the very best it has ever built. It doubles up as either a pure power amplifier or pure pre-amp, it carries a moving magnet phono stage, and boasts 2x100 watts at 8 ohms (2x160 watts at 4 ohms). Other features include the sleek modern aesthetic with the integrated amplifier controlled by a trio of rotary dials, and a 32-bit ESS 9038PRO DAC chip and a slim 4.3-inch IPS LCD display. Those who wish to wirelessly stream high-quality music from their mobile devices will be happy to hear that the 9000A's Bluetooth connectivity includes support for aptX HD and LDAC, as well as aptX Low Latency, regular aptX, AAC and SBC which is sure to be much appreciated.

A sleek and modern Audiolab integrated amplifier displayed in landscape orientation, featuring a vibrant orange wave graphic on a black LCD display and three rotary dials for intuitive control.

Slimmer sibling to the 9000A, the 9000CDT boasts a new, high-end CD transport mechanism featuring a "high-precision optical system and low-friction loading tray" with reduced disc reading failures due to the read-ahead digital buffer, as well as a sturdy aluminium base and chassis which combat the effect of vibrations generated externally and by the high-spin-velocity motor.

The Audiolab 9000CDT CD Transport shown in a reflective silver finish, complete with a minimalistic design, a prominent display window, and a simplistic yet elegant remote control.

The classy aluminium chassis and matching 4.3-inch IPS LCD display make for appealing visuals. the 9000CDT's master clock is controlled by a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, enabling low jitter via the digital output from its coaxial and optical sockets. By mounting the transport in its own electromagnetically shielded enclosure and including a dedicated power supply, your delicate discs should sound the purest they ever have.

A front view of the Audiolab 9000CDT CD Transport, characterized by its clean lines and the prominent, softly glowing display that adds a touch of sophistication to the silver façade.

NB: Whilst the wealth of connectivity the it offers is impressive, the 9000A does NOT include built-in network streaming. From a performance point of view, incorporating network streaming of sufficient quality to match the amp’s sonic ambition within the same chassis would have meant compromising performance in other areas—and the 9000A is, first and foremost, a high-performance integrated amplifier. Also, not everyone requires network streaming; by developing a separate, dedicated audio streamer for the 9000 Series—set to arrive in early 2023—Audiolab have been able to deliver optimal performance and system flexibility.

An angled view of the Audiolab 9000CDT CD Transport, characterized by its clean lines and the prominent, softly glowing display that adds a touch of sophistication to the silver façade.

Audiolab's new, flagship 9000 series delivers everything a high end audio product should, but at an eminently reasonable price given the quality on offer_coming in at just £1999 and £999 respectively.

The 9000A integrated amplifier and the 9000CDT CD transport are the epitome of affordable high-end audio—design, build performance that shoots for the stars but doesn't cost the Earth.

Various display readings from the Audiolab integrated amplifier, showcasing volume levels, input sources including phono and Bluetooth, and output settings on a dynamic orange graphical interface.

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