Our Brands at The High End Show Munich 2017

The annual High End Show will take place in Munich next week. Hundreds of hi-fi manufacturers from around the world will attend, unveiling new products and offering demos. A total of 17 brands from the Elite Audio portfolio will be in attendance. Here is just some of what they have in store.

Acoustic Signature Invictus Turntable

Acoustic Signature

Products: Turntables and tonearms

Where to find them?: Halle 4 U02

Acoustic Aignature will be bringing along some of their exceptional turntables, including the stunning Invictus turntable.

Aqua Acoustic (Exhibited by Sound Galleries)


Where to find them?: Halle 3 K05

Aqua Acoustic have slowly been updating their DACs to the Formula model, reaches new levels of high-end music. Their Monaco distributor, Sound Galleries, will be exhibiting in Hall 3, room K05.

Audio Deva

Products: Atmo Sfera Platerless Turntable

Where to find them?: Halle 1 D11

Italian manufacturers of the world's first platerless turntable, will have the Atmo Sfera on display. See and hear for yourself what this revolutionary turntable can do.

Audio Physic

Products: Loudspeakers

Where to find them?: A4.1 F125, A4.1 F126

Audio Physic's brand-new Avantera III loudspeakers will be on demo in Atrium 4.1 E 114 (thanks to Nordost).

In conjunction with one of our other brands, Auris Audio, Audio Physic will be demonstrating the Codex loudspeakers. Recently awarded a Blue Moon Award, they will be on display in A4.1 F125. The full Audio Physic product range will also be available in this room, including the VCF Magnetic Feet.

Auris Audio

Products: Amplifiers, DACS & Loudspeakers

Where to find them?: A4.1 F125, A4.1 F126

As already mentioned, Auris Audio will be helping Audio Physic demonstrate their loudspeakers. They will also be premiering two brand new components, previously announced this week.

Both the Fortissimo Integrated Amplifier and the Headonia Headphone Amplifier will make their debut at the High End Show Munich 2017.

Boenicke Audio

Products: Loudspeakers

Where to find them?: A4.2 F215

Boenick might be best known for their award-winning W Series loudspeakers, but this year the company will be launching their new Integrated Amplifier. The amplifier is set to be an all-in-one hi-fi solution, with optional built-in DAC and phono stage.

Densen Audio


Where to find them?: Halle 4 U05

Densen Audio will have their newly released CAST Amp and B-250CAST Reference Pre-Amp in Munich. Check out these fantastic new components with dedicated Google Cast streaming capabilities built-in.


Products: Headphone amplifiers

Where to find them?: Halle 4 R14

Erzetich's range of handcrafted headphone amplifiers will be on display at the High End Show in Munich. Visitors will get a chance to see the new and improved Deimos. For more details on the upgrades, click here.


Products: Software & streamers

Where to find them?: Look for the man in the Fidelizer shirt!

Founder Keetakawee Punpeng will be around the show with the ultimate iBasso DX200 and Fiio X5iii mods with Fidelizer Advanced Purist ROM and intensive hardware mods, a Nimitra custom unit and his own cables to experiment. Look out for Keetakawee at the show, who will be wearing a Fidelizer shirt.

Gato Audio

Products: Amplifiers, CD Players & Loudspeakers

Where to find them?: Halle 4 T11, Halle 4 T12

Gato Audio will have some of their stunning components at this year's show. You could even get the chance to view the fantastic PWR-222 Monoblock Power Amps, which were recently given the "Outstanding Product" award by Hi-Fi News.


Products: Cables

Where to find them?: Halle 3 P10

Italian cable manufacturers, HiDiamond, will premiering some new products this year. HiDiamond haven't unveiled any details yet, but they are hoping to add a few power cable options to their product list.


Products: musicbook:DSD Range

Where to find them?: A4.2 F210

The popular musicbook:DSD range will be presented with Bauer Audio components to create a truly outstanding demo system.

Founder Norbert Lindemann will also unveil a new network audio bridge which has been designed with streaming in mind. This new network audio bridge will be Roon compatible for easy operation.


Products: Amplifiers and power supplies

Where to find them?: A3.1 C117

Octave have already teased what they will be premiering at this year's High End Show. Something "colourful and single ended", that also involves headphones, is set to star in Octave's set-up. Find out what their brand-new product is in Atrium 3 room, C1117.

Perpetuum Ebner

Products: Turntables

Where to find them?: Halle 2 E03

Revived by WE Audio Systems in 2015, Perpetuum Ebner is set to bring along it's growing range of turntables. The PE 1010, PE 2525, PE 4040 and PE 1000 are all set to make an appearance.


Products: Cartridges

Where to find them?: Halle 3 K04

Soundsmith will have their wide range of turntable cartridges on display in Munich. Listen to the difference a high-end cartridge can make to your system in Hall 3, room K04.


Products: DACs, Streamers, Power Supplies, Amplifiers and more.

Where to find them?: Halle 2 E07

SOtM have slowly been releasing details of their new products for 2017. The tX-USBUltra USB Hub & Regenerator is already available and will be joined by the brand-new sMS-200Ultra Mini Network Player, as well as some other old and new products.


Products: Loudspeakers

Where to find them?: A4.1 E125

Triangle have some fantastic new products to be premiered at the show, including the new LN05A and Australe EZ Loudspeakers.

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