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Perreaux 300iX put through its paces by 6Moons

The Perreaux 300iX has been reviewed by Srajan Ebaen from who subjects this Antipodean integrated amplifier to his customarily exhaustive testing—and comes up smiling.

See some highlights from the review below or—for full product specifications and a link to the full review visit our product page via this link provided.

Front view of the Perreaux 300iX integrated amplifier in vibrant yellow, featuring a central volume knob and a clear digital display.

"The 300iX is clearly mature and thoroughly dialed effort."

"This potent Perreaux is fit and of low body fat but well educated and mannered so no brute."

"I thought that it looked as good as it felt well built, worked flawlessly and sounded refreshingly vital."

“Bonus points came for rounded heatsinks not even your worst enemy could cut himself on if threatened.”

"With this my first-ever Perreaux, I can now appreciate how well earned the company's solid reputation is."

Side profile of the Perreaux 300iX amplifier showing its yellow accented, black ribbed heat sink design for efficient thermal management.

"A modicum of warmth comes not at the expense of speed. Forget fuzz or furriness, blur or bloat."

"Wherewithal to pound and slam joins vocal intimacy and the ability to polish embedded sheen on upper harmonics." "Regular readers of this site can think of it as a more powerful, still quicker and more feature-loaded version of Kinki's EX-M1."

“…I’d anticipated it go just a bit pear-shaped. But it refused. That I found very noteworthy.”

Rear view of the Perreaux 300iX showcasing its extensive connectivity options, including speaker outputs and digital and analog inputs.

“A great surprise to wrap up this gig on another high C was its built-in class A headfi amp. That effortlessly and beautifully drove my very innefficient HifiMan Susvara.

It’s a truly serious item that won’t justify keeping a separate headphone amp around."

“…the big amp’s speed really excelled at spicy/spiked staccato transients

without lingering fuzz or furriness”

“It really seems that team Dunedin thought of everything and the SPF100 sun screen.

The 300iX isn’t just a bad boy and a baby face. He’s got education too”

"True muscle-amp virtues meet great reflexes"

Elevated view of the Perreaux 300iX integrated amplifier highlighting its modern design with a yellow top panel and digital front interface.


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