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Pro-ject launch the Debut Pro S Turntable and the Vinyl NRS Box S3

Pro-ject's new turntable the Debut Pro S has been launched with its partner in harmony the Vinyl NRS Box S3 which are sure to maximise your vinyl listening experience.

Top view of Pro-Ject Debut Pro S turntable with its innovative 'S' shaped tonearm, set against a dark background, highlighting the sleek, minimalist design.

The Debut Pro S has the many advantages of the previous model, however has its own unique benefits relating to the 'S' shaped tonearm, including an SME type connector which makes changing cartridges easier. It has a precision aluminium platter with TPE damping, diamond-cut aluminium sub-platter, TPE motor suspension system and precision belt drive system.

Angled perspective of Pro-Ject Debut Pro S turntable showcasing its precision aluminium platter and elegant design accents on a sophisticated matte surface.

Pro-Ject's Vinyl NRS Box S3 is an expert noise reduction system which revitalises your old records by removing the 'crackle' and other such noises from worn records while also removing any drive noise of the turntable leaving you with the cleanest sound possible. The digital process is handled at 24-bit / 96kHz for precise processing with no signal loss.

The Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system in black, with intuitive controls for de-crackling, ensuring a pristine vinyl listening experience.

If you are interested in these products you can find them on our product page linked below, you will also find the full product details and a link to any reviews published on them. Pro-ject Debut pro S, Pro-ject Vinyl NRS Box S3

Pro-Ject's Vinyl NRS Box S3 in silver, featuring a sleek design and specialized knobs for optimizing audio clarity and removing unwanted vinyl record noise.


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