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Pro-Ject's new Debut PRO wins Outstanding Product award

HiFi News' Ken Kessler rates Pro-Ject's new top-of-the-budget-range Debut PRO turntable a big hit and unbelievable value for money.

Here are a few quotes to whet your appetite—you can read the review in full in this month's (Sep 21) issue of HiFi News—and for more info, ordering, etc, visit our product page.

“There’s no escaping it: the Debut PRO is easy to adore”

“The numerous improvements elevate the price to £699, but even that hasn’t undermined this record deck’s bargain status"

“The warmth in the voice defied the technology of the phono stages, vivid and apparent whether through all-valve or solid-state step-ups”

“In fighting form, the most staggering element of the Debut PRO to my ears was the solidity and extension of the bass”

“…the PRO conveys body and fatigue-free listening without any blatant loss of detail.”

“Whatever bizarre sounds Brian Wilson chose to employ, the Debut PRO handled with aplomb.”

“‘Coherent’ replaced ‘competent’ as this deck certainly earns its suffix, ‘PRO’ being less of a conceit and more of a statement of intent”

“ ‘Entry level’ has a new champion ”

“Simply stated, the Debut PRO is a knock-out”


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