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Pro-ject The Classic Evo turntable earns "Hi-Fi Choice Recommended" award

Pro-ject's the Classic Evo turntable earns a recommendation form Hi-Fi choice who think it a very worthy upgrade from the original classic model.

See highlights below or for full product details and a link to the full review visit our product page linked here.

Pro-ject The Classic Evo turntable with Hi-Fi Choice Recommended badge, showcasing its sleek design and premium wood finish.

"This is a well-priced, well-made and very handsome record player that delivers a consistently satisfying musical performance"

"dead quiet turntable at idle with no sign of hum or unwanted motor noise."

"The pitch stability is completely rock solid."

Detailed close-up of the Pro-ject The Classic Evo's silver platter, highlighting the precision engineering and quality craftsmanship.

"The performance is evocative without being nostalgic and it is borderline impossible to sit there passively while it happens."

"low noise floor ensures that even the quieter passages are packed full of the detail and dynamics"

"The Classic Evo has excellent low-end extension."

The iconic red Ortofon cartridge mounted on the Pro-ject The Classic Evo turntable's tonearm, illustrating the device's high-end audio capabilities.

"Classic Evo is the very essence of an all-rounder; a turntable that will deliver a performance that achieves a degree of emotional connection regardless of the style of music"

"...rivals many one-brand combinations and ...delivers a sparkling performance."

"...the level of detail and sheer tangibility that The Classic Evo delivers is truly outstanding."

Elegant full view of the Pro-ject The Classic Evo turntable, combining modern functionality with a classic wooden aesthetic for a superior vinyl experience.


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