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Quadraspire SVT win 5-Star the-ear review…

Quadraspire's SVT series of performance hifi racks received a glowing review from Chris Baillie at

See highlights below, find the full review at The Ear, or for full product details plus links to review, visit our product page.

Quadraspire SVT performance hi-fi racks in two finishes—elegant wood on the left and sleek black on the right—both awarded a 5-star rating by The Ear, with the publication's logo displayed in the bottom right corner.

"The Quadraspire SVT certainly supports its maker's reputation for producing some of the finest performing audio racks in the business."

"...the SVT is something I keep admiring as it exudes quality in design and build."

"...the team's passion for engineering is borne out in their products."

Detailed view of the Quadraspire SVT rack's corner showing the layered wood finish and a close-up of the copper-colored spiked foot for vibration dampening and stability.

"the sense of the music coming from around the speakers, rather than from within them, was a little more pronounced."

"Even at low listening levels, violins have more life and vibrancy."

"the construction was remarkably stress-free."

Quadraspire SVT performance hi-fi racks showcased in two color schemes: one with wood shelves and black legs, and another with black shelves paired with silver legs, exemplifying the brand's attention to aesthetic detail and customization options.

"I have enjoyed an uplift in performance since its arrival, despite already having my system housed on a rack of a reputable quality."

"if your system is worth it, I suggest you take a serious look and listen to the Quadraspire SVT."

"My time with it explains why you see many in exhibitor's rooms at hi-fi shows."


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