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Raidho X1T Loudspeakers Receive Hifi Pig's "Editor's Choice" award

The new Raidho X1T Loudspeakers have gone down well with Hifi Pig who gave their "Editors Choice" award.

See some highlights below or see the full review at Hifi Pig or see full product details on our product page.

"I often finish off a review with the question “Would I buy them?” and the answer here is a definite yes"

"without a doubt the best experience of small speaker/sub I have ever experienced."

"I genuinely didn’t want to take these out of the system and I have no option other than to give them our top award"

"Fantastic top end detail that never becomes tiring"

"for me, the Raidhos trounce the BBC LS3/5As and bring the mini-speaker bang up to date"

"impeccable imaging and top to bottom integration"

"speed and detail throughout the available frequency range"

"wonderful with spoken word and vocally led music"

"Overall and from top to bottom the Raidho X1Ts are an incredibly well-integrated loudspeaker that can't help but bring a smile to your face."


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