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REL Acoustics launches flagship Reference Series Subwoofers

REL Acoustic have launched their Reference series No.31 and No.32 subwoofers which are designed to successfully merge good looks with functionality and elegance. They retain the curvilinear design of their ancestor the original Gibraltar introduced over 10 years ago.

The true carbon fibre 15" (380mm) driver is the heart soul of the No.32 with a boast worthy travel distance of 4" (100mm) in both directions. The drivers shape and centre cap means the driver is stiffer and allows for better self dampening.

The No.31 has been crafted in the image of the No.32 however it has a smaller footprint and is more compact which is beneficial for those whom have less space but still desire the sound and build quality of the No.32. It has its newly developed 12" (350mm) full carbon fibre driver.

Both the No.32 and No.31 can be used to great effect in a stacked line array of 3 or in larger rooms even 5 while retaining individual crossover and access control of each subwoofer individually. This along with the already top tier sound quality make these products a valuable asset to any system in which they reside.

should you find yourself interested to find out more about the No.32 or the No.31 click the links provided which will take you to our product page.

The Reference Series come with a somewhat weighty remote control which is designed to fit comfortably into the cup of your hand making the interface that you use to connect with the product as pleasant and and enjoyable as possible.


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