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Client feedback - the SOtM iSO-CAT6 Isolation Transformer

We recently told you about this clever edition from SOtM - for all audio systems using LAN ports...

Well one of our client's decided to give it a try, and here is what he said about it...

"I recently bought an Iso Cat6 from Elite and must confess to being somewhat sceptical at the time. I knew the Luxman L-505uxii I’d purchased from the guys was running in and improving but the Audio Physic Avanti’s had still yet to really sparkle. So the Cat arrived and in a minute was installed. I was unprepared for the transformation that took place, for it was that. Now whether my network carries a lot of noise or not this device flawed me. Every aspect of my audio took a significant step up. The Avanti’s came alive with detail and ambiance. Cymbals tinged, guitar strings reverberated, fingers slid up and down fret boards.

Without question I would endorse marks review comments that when streaming this is without question the best £350 you’ll spend... unless the tech is embedded in your rig. For reference I stream from an innuos with roon core.

Thank you Elite." - John B, Yorkshire

You can find out more about this fantastic device by clicking here!


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