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Sandu Vitalie over at recently published an extensive review of Erzetich's MANIA headphones. They scored extremely high for comfort, build quality and driveability.

Whilst maybe not the headphones for lovers of sub-bass, they are perfect for listening to imperfect recordings—bringing your older jazz, blues and rock recordings closer to you.

Read the review (and watch the video) in full here (or watch video below)—and you can get more info and buy them from us right here.

"Mania is a warm and cozy sounding headphone"
"…every old track of mine sounded absolutely delicious!"
"…will infuse some milk and honey into your music with its elevated mid-bass and midrange performance"
"…Mania simply obliterates headphones such as Meze 99 line or Sennheiser Momentum line"
"…it was clear to me that Mania was tuned to sound great with dark, heavy music too"


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