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Stereonet Give a Round of Applause to Sumiko's Wellfleet phono cartridge…

In a recent Stereonet review, Sumiko's WELLFLEET Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge is granted their sought-after Applause Award.

See highlights from the review below and, to see more details as well as to purchase this cartridge visit our product page where you will also find a link to the full review.

Frontal view of the Sumiko Wellfleet Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge, focusing on the 'Wellfleet' branding and the vivid blue stylus guard.

"...the bass from the Wellfleet was pleasing and articulate."

"...the likes of orchestral strings retain their energy and vitality."

" no point did I feel that the Wellfleet was running out of headroom,

no matter the demands put upon it."

A sleek Sumiko Wellfleet Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge with a distinctive blue and black design, showcased against a clear, light blue background.

"At first listen, I was immediately impressed by the high level

of detail retrieval that the Wellfleet is able to muster"

"What the Wellfleet does well is the seamless transition from the

upper mids to the highs without any break-up or shrillness,"

"Even when compared with more expensive cartridges, its wide bandwidth,

diligent detail retrieval, and ease of operation make it well worth an audition."

The Sumiko Wellfleet Cartridge mounted on a turntable's tonearm, with the stylus gently resting on a spinning vinyl record, highlighting the product in action.

"..."It seemed a little more relaxed than the Songbird in how it conducted business,

but the soundstage was nicely set with clear demarkation of the instruments..."

“With the new assembly, excessive mass in the shank is cut away to reduce tip mass further,

resulting in a faster, more direct, and more accurate response of the stylus

movement by the cantilever and magnet.”

"If you are already equipped with a Sumiko Moonstone that's coming to the end of its life,

or indeed any of the Oyster range, the Wellfleet stylus upgrade will bring you even more

of the things you have enjoyed; I have no doubt."

Close-up of the Sumiko Wellfleet Cartridge on a vinyl record's surface, emphasizing its refined black finish and the intricate design of the needle and cartridge body.

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