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Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Integrated Amplifier receives "Applause Award" from Stereonet

Stereonet have published a review of the Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Amplifier they have given it their presteigeouse "Applause Award".

See details below or for full product details and a link to the full review visit our product page linked here.

...proved very easy – and rewarding – to listen to.

Reasonably priced and well made, it offers everything you need and nothing you don't.

...has a beautifully sweet, mellifluous sound that's relaxed and warm without being soft or ill-focused.

The Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Amplifier displayed with the prestigious Stereonet 'Applause Award' badge, highlighting the product's excellence in audio engineering.
Close-up of the Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Amplifier showcasing its glowing vacuum tubes and refined front panel controls, a testament to its award-winning sound quality.

The musical presentation was very solid and quietly focused.

First impressions were of a velvety-smooth, 'liquid' sort of presentation that was effortlessly clean and detailed.

This amp was able to clarify passages that might have become clogged or muddy, yet did so while retaining a smooth, natural tonal balance.

Rear view of the Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Amplifier, illustrating its various input and output connections, emphasizing the unit's versatility and craftsmanship.

I was impressed by the incisive clarity, speed, and attack of the Roma 96DC+.

t's clear and detailed, yet relaxed and easy to assimilate – like a pair of shoes that fit so perfectly you hardly know you're wearing them.

it has a nice bass quality – quite full and round, but not lacking in speed or clarity. Overall, the presentation has a comfortable and alluring quality.

Frontal view of the Synthesis Roma 96DC+ Amplifier with its distinctive ventilation grille, exemplifying the high-quality design that earned it Stereonet's 'Applause Award'.


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