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Triangle floorstanders get 5 stars from What Hi-Fi?

What Hi-Fi? loved the punch, agility and drive of the BOREA BR08 loudspeakers from France's Triangle.

Read the review in full here and you can see more info and prices etc, on the product page here.

"Given a suitable system and plenty of space, these exceptional Triangle floorstanders really shine"

"Superb performers capable of thrilling results"

"These towers charge at full throttle, communicating the energy and momentum of the music brilliantly"

"Push up the volume and they come alive with a vigour that makes most rivals seem sedate in comparison"

"…these Triangles are exceptional, and certainly good enough to challenge the very best at this price"

"We can’t think of a better alternative when it comes to rhythmic drive"

"The Borea BR08 deliver a thrill ride with appropriate material"

"We advise listening to them before buying any other floorstanders at this price.

You’ll be thankful you did."


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