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Triangle's 40th Anniversary Antal impresses HiFi News…

Mark Craven at HiFi News loves the classy finish and large-scale, cohesively-imaged performance of these price-belying floorstanders from France's Triangle.

See some highlights below, read the review in full in the Sep 2021 issue of HiFi News, and for more information and purchasing options, visit our product page.

“There’s a definite feeling you’re getting your money’s worth when you encounter Triangle’s Antal 40th Anniversary loudspeaker.”

“The size of these well-priced cabinets is reflected in the size of the soundstage they create. There’s an impressive feeling of height and depth to the Antal 40th Anniversary’s delivery and, even better, imaging and integration is excellent.”

“It’s a performance that plays well with orchestral compositions and horizon-wide electronica, while providing precision staging for a rock’n’roll four-piece.”

“With a number of tracks it sounded completely effortless, lapping up everything from well-recorded jazz and acoustic blues to the beeps and beats of modern dance music.”

“Meanwhile, Lee Haslam’s ’The Future’ made brilliant use of the loudspeaker’s wide, full-range soundstage, its electronic soundscapes leaving me feeling almost pinned to my chair."

“If Triangle, freshly turned 40, is having a mid-life crisis, it doesn’t show. The comprehensively upgraded edition of its Antal three-way floorstander offers impressive value for money. The performance is large-scale and musical, with wonderfully cohesive imaging, and the cabinet finish and styling are exceptional.”


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