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Triangle's AIO TWIN connected speakers launched—with optional Pro-Ject turntable

French speaker specialist, Triangle, released their new AIO TWIN connected speakers that enable Bluetooth device streaming, high resolution streaming via Wifi, TV connectivity, and even features a built-in MM phono pre-amp—which you can partner with their new Pro-Ject built turntable, The TRIANGLE, with a special bundle price for that option.

More detail available on our product page here.

The AIO TWIN active speakers provide a rich and detailed sound and offer access a wide choice of streaming services from your smartphone or tablet using the free “Triangle AIO” app (available on the App Store or Google Play Store). You can also access the music stored on your devices or your home network.

Users can set up all the TRIANGLE AIO devices on their network using the Linkplay technology, and easily monitor all the audio equipment in their home. You can control the streaming in each room, adjust the sound level, optimise the sound thanks to the tone controls—or pair your speakers with each other directly from the app.

The range of music you can reach is comprehensive—from Deezer and Spotify to Qobuz and Tidal, let alone unlimited access to all the internet radio stations around the world via TuneIn.

The sleek new speakers come in a contemporary range of finishes—Graphite Black, Frosted White, Linen Grey, Abyss Blue and Brown Maple—and The TRIANGLE turntable is also available to match all those.

Designed by Pro-Ject, The TRIANGLE turntable is compatible with 33 and 45 rpm records. It features a belt drive, an aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings and a low vibration motor. The tonearm and the cartridge are pre-mounted to allow a relatively simple setup.

This turntable is provided with Ortofon OM-10E cartridge. The included Pro-Ject Connect It E phonocable benefits from high purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC) conductors and gold- plated RCA connectors.

The AIO TWIN speakers cost £699 per pair—and the bundle price with The TRIANGLE turntable is £999. The Brown Maple option adds £100 to the cost for both (£799/1099).


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