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Triangle's BOREA BR08 induce Stereonet grins…

Jay Garrett marvels at the performance v price ratio of the French manufacturer's three-way, four-driver BOREA BR08 floorstanders and rewards them with Stereonet's 'Applause Award'.

See some of Jay's comments below, read the full review over at Stereonet and head to our product page for the full monty on spec and to order, etc

"Given its price, Triangle's Borea BR08 works like a champ”

"Soundstaging was very good… Tchaikovsky's Symphony 1 in G Minor, op.13, and Dreams of a Winter Journey (Allegro tranquillo) played by the Berliner Philharmoniker with Herbert von Karajan at the helm, was an atmospheric joy. I was also impressed by the explosive dynamics”

"It gave the orchestra width, depth and even some height, which you'd typically expect from the likes of Audiovector's R3 Arreté and other similarly higher-priced designs”

"Surely such a soaring sound couldn't have been coming from a budget box, I thought!”

"In the slower movements of the symphony, I was aware of the excellent coherence with which this speaker treated the ensemble – and this was the case whether it's an orchestra or jazz trio you're playing. It's as if the BR08 lets the source and amp do all the hard work and then graciously hands you the results”

"A truly grin-inducing performance which also illuminated the fact that these speakers like to be driven at volume, so be sure to have the room for this sort of hooligan behaviour”

"I was struck by the open midband, allied to a bass that was grippy and articulate. Up top, there was little evidence of the keen treble that Triangle's tweeters have occasionally been criticised for.”

"Indeed there's much to like about the detailed high-frequency performance of this speaker, as it augments the open midband.”

“…it supplies a really decent level of performance at a price that's ideal for people running budget amplifiers or even mid-price designs. This French speaker specialist has achieved excellent sonic results while keeping costs down to a level that mere mortals can handle.”

“… what was being lovingly decanted into my auditory canal was very impressive indeed”

"the Borea displayed plenty of energy and pace when required”

"The company has cleverly concentrated on the nuts and bolts of speaker-making while eschewing fancy cabinet finishes and complex designs that divert money away from the basics. The result is an excellent all-rounder that's happy to play any genre and – with some care taken in positioning and system matching – punches way higher than it should”


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