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Upgrade Your sMS-200 Mini Network Player

SOtM sMS-200 Mini Network Player, Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB Reclocker, Wyred 4 Sound PS-1 Modular Linear Power Supply and Fidelizer Nikola Linear Power Supply

SOtM's sMS-200 Mini Network Player has been one of our best selling products. Both its compact size and audiophile quality playback have made it a favourite for fans of computer audio.

On its own the sMS-200 is the perfect component for hi-fi enthusiasts who like to stream their music. But with a couple of extra add-ons the sMS-200 can be taken to the next level.

Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB Reclocker

This little device restores the original quality of the USB signal. Simply plug it in between the USB source and the DAC for a pure and musical sound.

The Recovery promises a much more focused soundstage, with finer details and smooth delivery.

John Grandberg added a Recovery (along with an sMS-200) to his system whilst reviewing the PS-1 Linear Module Power Supply. He found that the sMS-200's already fantastic USB output was improved and led to a more enjoyable listening experience.

John's full review of the PS-1 can be found here.


Sometimes the mains can impact your hi-fi system, meaning a dedicated power supply is essential for an excellent and uninterrupted sound.

Two of our products have been reviewed by professionals along side the sMS-200, both producing excellent results.

Fidelizer Nikola Linear Power Supply

Fidelizer have designed the Nimitra to produce a clean power signal from DC input.

The component was recently reviewed by Steven Plaskin of Audio Stream, and earned the "Greatest Bits" Award.

Overall, the Nikola/sMS-200 combination managed to provide a sound "...smooth, detailed, and free of hardness".

When it came to summing-up the double act, Steven said, "After extended listening with the SOtM sMS-200 / Nikola, I felt that many of the sMS-200 owners will love this combination."

Steven's full review of the Nikola can be read here.

Wyred 4 Sound Modular Linear Power Supply

The PS-1 is a modular power supply, meaning it can power up to four devices* with different voltages simultaneously. So, for those with more than one device to power, this could be a perfect streamlined option.

John Grandberg at Digital Audio Review used both the sMS-200 and the Recovery to conduct his review of the PS-1:

"Adding PS-1 and Recovery to the sMS-200 brings it up to an altogether higher level. We’re talking bigger, bolder tone colors, more precise imaging, and a greater sense of heft down low".

John's full review of the PS-1 can be found here.

*Additional modules can be purchased for £125 each.

Need more help? Elite Audio's expert sales team can assist you in building the perfect hi-fi system around your sMS-200, or any other component. We also offer a fantastic 30-day home trial on a range of new products, as well as generous part exchanges on your old hi-fi components. Fill out the form now to find out how much your devices are worth.


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