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Wharfedale Linton Heritage wins What Hi-Fi? Award

The Wharfedale Linton Heritage Loudspeakers picked up a Readers Award 2020 from What H-Fi?.

You can read the report here, the full review here—and you can see our product page and buy it here.

NB: FREE HiDiamond HD1 speaker cable worth £185 if ordered with stands

"It’s such a fantastically open presentation of the music that our listening space feels bigger than it is. Every instrument is there to be heard in the soundstage."

"…we get a magnificent, room-filling sense of the size and the feel of the club, right down to the strobe lights and dry ice taste in the back of the throat. Nostalgia kicks in.

These speakers have done their job."

"With effortless weight, spot-on stereo imaging and layer upon layer of marvellous detail, you could listen to these speakers for days and still not get tired."

"Effortless bass production"

"Detailed, open soundstage"

"Authentic good looks"


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