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Wharfedale's 'Deeply Groovy' budget speakers are a winner with Paul Rigby…

theaudiophileman himself is surprised and delighted by the unexpected quality of these Wharfedale's Fink-designed Diamond 12.1 budget bookshelf offerings, awarding them his 'Deeply Groovy' 9/10 award.

See some of Paul's comments below, or you can read his review in full here, watch his video review here—and then visit our product page for more info and ordering, etc.

"And what hit me first? Tonal balance! Tonal balance all over the place from the Diamonds. It was quite an event."

"This tonal balance gives the delivery a sense of maturity while also adding a layering effect to the arrangement. You feel that, now bass has been properly integrated into the music, subtle aspects of the soundstage are now better formed and solidified.”

"The sonic complexity from the mids gives the Diamond 12.1s a sense the there much more going on around the soundstage. You find your ears darting here and there to get it all in.”

"What we have here from the Diamond 12.1s is a speaker design that infuses the soundstage with a suite of relatively rich bass frequencies that carefully snuggle up to the mids and treble without imposing or dominating or swamping the same. So the detail remains, the delicacy in the treble is there, the detail from the mids too but now you have a rich presentation because the bass adds an additional dimension to the music as a whole.”

"The Wharfedales infuse the music with charisma”

"They excite and delight sure but they also add a drop of magic to the mix that demands your attention.”

"The extra solidity and self-assurance from the Wharfedales means that the sound impresses you. These speakers make music a memorable occasion”

"You don’t hear anything missing here at all. You only hear the added bass, the well-developed nature of the musical presentation and the extra layers of detail on offer.”

"The Diamond 12.1 speakers provide a balanced and neutral sound but the way they integrate bass into a suite of detailed upper frequencies while maintaining all of the insight and information you might expect and want adds a touch of genius to the overall design. A flavour of Fink, you might say…”

"The bottom line here was balance but balance that maintained the essential impact from the performance. This music has soul. It had spirit and passion.

The Wharfedales egged you on. Go on my son, they cried!”

"In terms of my expectations, the Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 speakers have provided me with the sonic surprise of the year thus far."

"Before this review, I wondered if they could handle the competition. I wondered if they could keep up with the rest. Well, they’ve certainly put that question to bed and how!”


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