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What Hi-Fi? give 5 stars to the NEW Focal Utopia Headphones

Focal's Utopia headphones have received a 5 star rating form What Hi-Fi? who say they are one of the best headphones available on the market.

See highlights below or for full product details and a link to the full review visit our product page linked here.

Focal Utopia 2022 high-fidelity headphones with a red 'WHAT HI-FI?' five-star rating badge, highlighting exceptional audio quality and luxury design.

"in our opinion these new Focal Utopia sit comfortably among the very best headphones money can buy."

"Feed them with a system of suitable quality and you’ll experience one of the finest sounds we’ve yet heard."

"the angling of the drive units inside the earcup really does help to give a more spacious and speaker-like presentation than the in-your-head norm."

Focal Utopia 2022 headphones elegantly arranged in a custom case with cable set, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sound excellence and convenient travel.

"They’re great at conveying the rhythmic drive of the title track and also the pulsating ebb and flow of tracks"

"Focals render the complex arrangements with ease, delivering an expansive soundfield that’s packed with dynamic contrasts and punch."

"The clamping pressure is nicely judged to hold the Utopia securely without being oppressive over longer listening sessions,"

Sophisticated Focal Utopia 2022 over-ear headphones, featuring a detailed honeycomb earcup design and ergonomic headband, crafted for discerning audiophiles.

"Unboxing them is every inch the feel-good luxury experience we would hope for."

"soft ear pads feel pleasant to the touch, as does the nicely padded, leather-bound headband."

"They never get in the way or have any obvious traits that limit our enjoyment of any particular type of music. That speaks volumes for their overall balance and wide ranging strengths."

Close-up of Focal Utopia 2022 headphones' side, showcasing the precise mesh earcup texture and prominent logo, symbolizing state-of-the-art acoustic engineering.


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