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What Hi-Fi? love Wharfedale's Diamond 12.3 floorstanders

Giving them 5-Star review, they describe them as "refined, entertaining and well built".

See the review in full at What Hi-Fi? website—you can see some highlights below and visit our product page with more details, prices and colour options, here. NB: We offer FREE DELIVERY on all speakers!

“…given a good source and suitably capable amplification, they perform superbly”

"we appreciate the 12.3’s articulate and expressive midrange and the seamless integration between the drive units”

"There’s punch and power when required, but also a level of subtlety that’s rare to find in a floorstander at this price”

"We like how Wharfedale has avoided excess; there’s enough bass weight to satisfy but not so much that it spoils the balance of the presentation. The lows are agile, satisfyingly rich and textured with it.”

"They're smooth, even-handed and wonderfully refined for the money”

"They’ll round off rough edges and downplay unwanted aggression without sounding like they’re smothering the life out of the music”

"You can add an even tonal balance and stable stereo imaging to the list of plus points, too”

"It’s tough to make a truly talented affordable floorstander, but Wharfedale has cracked it with the 12.3”

"they deliver a lovely layered sound that’s brimming with detail and dynamic nuance”

"These Diamonds also sound good at lower volume levels. Too often we come across speakers that only come alive when pushed hard, but the 12.3 can be enjoyed at levels that won’t wake the kids or upset the neighbours late at night. That counts for a lot in our books.”

"Superbly balanced presentation" | "Expressive and revealing midrange" | "Pleasing build and finish”

"They are terrifically accomplished for the money and good enough to claim a space in the Diamond’s hall of fame. Don’t buy another tower at this level without hearing this one first.”


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