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A Year in Reviews: The Best Reviews of 2016

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As 2016 comes to an end we take a look back at some of the best reviews our brand's products received this year, from top industry specialists.

Many products from our brands were reviewed this year, and were recognised as some of the best on the market. We would probably be here all day if we had to list them all, but here are some of the best;

Blue Moon,

Aqua Acoustic Formula DAC. Blue Moon Award

The Aqua Acoustic Optologic Formula DAC joined the Boenicke W5 loudspeakers and the Crayon Audio CFA 1.2 amplifier as it was awarded the prestigious Blue Moon award by 6moons. Reviewer Srajan Ebaen said; "Walking into soundstages was spectacularly effortless".

The Optologic technology is also coming to Aqua Acoustic's La Scala DAC (also reviewed by 6moons) bringing the sound quality to audiophiles for even less.

Realsization Award,

sMS-200 Mini Network Player by SOtM. Realsization Award

One of our newest brands, SOtM, saw its sMS-200 Mini Network Player awarded the Realsization award back in October.

The award is given to components that manage to reach exceptional sound quality at a budget price; "...the sMS-200 easily takes the top spot in my list of recommended file players and walks away with a well-deserved value award", Frederic Beudot of 6moons said.

The sMS- Mini Network Player is currently available for pre-order from Elite Audio, with 1 year of Roon Ready free for the first five orders.

Reviewer’s Choice, SoundStage! Ultra

Audio Physic Avanti Loudspeakers. SoundStage! Ultra Reviewers' Choice

Audio Physic had more to reason to celebrate with their 30th Anniversary Avanti loudspeakers scooping SoundStage! Ultra's Reviewer's Choice award.

Reviewer Roger Kanno said “The Avanti is very well built, full of innovative engineering, and extremely handsome".

Highly Commended, Hi-Fi News

UK based magazine Hi-Fi News has reviewed quite a few of our products this year, awarding some the Highly Commended badge.

Octave V40SE Integrated Amplifier. Highly Commended

Octave Audio's V40 SE Integrated Amplifier stunned Hi-Fi News, with a user friendly interface masked by an impressive yet intimidating exterior.

Reviewer Steve Harris said; "With orchestral music, the V40 SE could deliver a fine sense of scale and power". In the technical review, the V40 SE scored a brilliant 83% for sound quality.

Acoustic Signature Primus. Highly commended

Acoustic Signature's Primus turntable featured in Hi-Fi News' yearbook, making it a standout product for 2016.

“Performances came together in a very neatly-rendered whole” was a statement from reviewer Adam Smith.

The final verdict saw the magazine claim that the Primus is the perfect introduction to analogue sound and that “as a plug-and-play starter combo, it excels”.

2016 Editors' Choice, The Absolute Sound

Wyred 4 Sound, another brand that has recently joined Elite Audio's portfolio, have been no stranger to awards over the years. For the sixth year in a row one of their products has made it onto The Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice list.

The DAC-2 series, which also boasts a Blue Moon award, has continued to impress critics worldwide, with The Absolute Sound calling it a "savvy and satisfying purchase".

Best Speakers of 2016, What Hi-Fi?

Triangle's Signature Delta loudspeakers made What Hi-Fi?'s Best Speakers of 2016. This one is a little bit of a rule breaker, considering that the review itself was done back in 2014. However, two years on the floorstanding loudspeakers are still blowing hi-fi enthusiasts and specialists away.

"Add this terrific timing ability to the strong dynamics and impressive resolution and you have speakers that are capable of standing toe-to-toe with the very best of the opposition" was What Hi-Fi?'s final verdict.

Elite Audio are proud to be the official UK distributors of these incredible award-winning products. To view our full list of manufacturers, please visit our Brands page.

We offer generous part exchanges on our audio components, allowing you to upgrade for less. You can fill out the part exchange form now to find out what your current components are worth. Our 30-day, no risk home trial on selected products also allows you to test hi-fi components at home in your own listening environment without the hassle.

Our staff are always eager to help. If you have any questions or would like further information on any of our products, please contact us on 020 3397 1119 or at

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