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Cyrus Announces a New and Improved classic AMP and PRE

Cyrus Audio have released their New and improved classic AMP and PRE continuing the long loved classic series with what they say is the best they've ever seen. If you are interested in these products please feel free to visit our product page where you are sure to find what you're after and more.

The classic series has been a central part of Cyrus Audio's product range for over 10 years and can be found in thousands of Cyrus customer's systems. These new and improved products although looking similar to some others in the series, have all new internal components and have been completely re-designed.

Cyrus believes that the improvements made by these developments will keep customers happy for the coming years. They hope that by making these technological advances they will continue to earn their customers undying loyalty. For full details on both the Cyrus Classic AMP and the Cyrus Classic PRE visit our product page via the links provided.


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