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Cyrus Audio Unveils TTP Turntable: A Sonic Marvel to Mark 40 Years of Audio Innovation!

Celebrating almost four decades of audio excellence, Cyrus Audio has unveiled its latest innovation, the TTP Turntable. In a surprising move for a brand renowned for its cutting-edge digital sources, the UK-based company identifies the turntable as a crucial addition to its product lineup, filling a perceived gap.

Cyrus TTP Turntable with a black aluminum plinth and precision tonearm showcasing its design and speed selection buttons.

Drawing on their decade-old success with the PHONO Signature phono stage, Cyrus ensures the TTP Turntable is a fitting counterpart to their established product range. Crafted with precision, the turntable boasts a solid aluminum construction for its plinth and platter, delivering exceptional stability for superior vinyl playback.

Sleek Cyrus TTP Turntable angled view with a spinning vinyl record, emphasizing its high-quality construction and elegant tonearm design.

The lightweight tonearm serves as an optimal cartridge mount, while the custom-designed digital control circuit of the DC synchronous motor guarantees minimal wow and flutter alongside outstanding speed stability. Nick Clarke, Managing Director at Cyrus Audio, expressed the company's commitment to delivering top-tier playback, regardless of the medium. To achieve this, Cyrus partnered with a distinguished German engineering company, specializing in turntable design.

Close-up of the Cyrus TTP Turntable's speed control buttons, highlighting the meticulous detail and user-friendly interface.

The TTP Turntable will make its debut at the Warsaw Audio Show in Poland from October 27-29, offering enthusiasts the first opportunity for a hands-on experience. Cyrus plans to showcase the turntable at various global events following its Warsaw premiere. With a retail price of £4,295, the Cyrus Audio TTP Turntable will be available later this month, promising audiophiles an unparalleled vinyl experience.

Top view of the Cyrus TTP Turntable playing a vinyl record, illustrating the synergy between modern functionality and classic vinyl playback.


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