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Focal Clear Mg headphones worthy of Stereonet's Applause…

Jay Garrett from Stereonet loves the look and sound of the French manufacturer's beautiful open-backed headphones. Below are some highlights from the review, which you can read in full here—and you can find more technical spec, prices, etc on our product page.

"Open-backed headphones should give a spatial awareness beyond their closed-back counterparts, and the Clear Mg certainly achieves this”

"The way the different bronzed – or 'Chestnut' as Focal has it – and chromed mixed metallic finishes catch the light is lovely, and everything feels top quality”

"Overall I found the Clear Mg to be immensely comfortable – we’re talking slippers and satin robe levels of luxury here”

"Subsonics proved more pronounced with the Focal’s magnesium drivers than via my reference planar magnetic phones”

"the Focal's talents for speed and impact were also evident”

“… the Clear Mg had a way of opening the track up and using its generous soundstaging to give the players more air"

"Guitar and piano cut through nicely, showing this pair of headphones could do an excellent job in the midband – the lower mids accommodating the vocals nicely"

"Overall it has much to shout about in the sub-£1500 sector and will challenge many more expensive designs too”

"However, the sense of space that these headphones imparted is what planted a grin upon my face. Select a track with more audience in the mix, such as 'The Trees' from 'Exit… Stage Left' by Rush, sprinkle in a bit of cross-feed, close your eyes, and you’re immediately transported to the gig.”

"Focal's latest is a great all-rounder with impeccable timing and excellent dynamics, but its sense of space is where it really shines.“


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