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Grado Headphones Recommended in Hi-Fi Choice Group Test

Grado's GS3000e earn 4.5 Stars and a Recommended award in Ed Selley's comparison of six different audiophile headphones, loving their sound quality and value for money.

Read our highlights below or read the full review in this month (April 21)'s issue of Hi-Fi Choice—and you can visit our product page for more details and to order, here.

“Where other headphones are open-back, the Grado is described as 'open air’, which means the GS3000e is able to disappear from the performance in a way that is exceptional.” “ …(music) arrives in the ears with precious little sense of mechanical transmission …it’s extremely effective” “It is more open and transparent than any other headphone here and it knows how to have fun too"

“Wonderful three dimensionality and space; rhythmically engaging"

“This effortless ability to create space gives the best rendition of (Poppy Ackroyd’s) ‘Quail’ in the group” “The low end that underpins this… is fast and extremely well integrated into the rest of the frequency response”

“The instruments’ positioning is effortlessly natural and entirely convincing, and there is a wonderful immediacy to how they’re presented”

“The speed and fluency means that on more up-tempo tracks, there is enough energy and rhythmic engagement to ensure you are emotionally involved in the performance and not simply a bystander. This is achieved without any compromises on tonal realism or the effortless ability to generate a believable soundstage”

“The sound is too good to ignore”


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