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HiFi News love the FLS9 Integrated Amplifier

Audia Flight's awesome amp gets the Outstanding Product rating and front cover treatment…

HiFi News' Mark Craven and Paul Miller were smitten with the sound this Italian beauty is capable of. You can see the review by buying a copy of HiFi News February 2021 issue, and you can read more about the amp and even buy one, right here on our product page.

“Those seeking an integrated offering imperious imaging, majestic musicality and a smooth,

sensuous sound—not to mention a streaming upgrade path on the horizon—should book a flight…”

“Essentially this amp sounds ‘just right’—warm but not cloying,

well resolved but not clinical, powerful but not boisterous”

“…its sense of space and sound-staging is remarkable”

"This amp delineated the band’s playing like nothing else I’ve heard, unearthing layers to the instrumentation and letting individual vocal parts recede or push forward."

“I felt I could pick out each minuscule difference, not just in notes but in tone”

"A runout of AC/DC’s ‘Live Wire’ proved to be a real eye-opener, as the FLS 9 made this rough-and-ready hard rock classic sound positively operatic in its construction.”

HFN Feb Audia Flight FLS9_Reprint
Download PDF • 6.95MB


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