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HiFi Pig loves ModWright Hybrid's American Muscle…

Janine Elliot gets heavy (~29Kg to be precise) with the 'muscular' KWH225i valve/solid state hybrid amplifier—awarding it their "Outstanding Product" status.

You can read the review in full at Hifi Pig and you'll find our KWH225i product page, with details and price, right here.

“ModWright… sees the virtue of combining the musicality of valves with the speed and power of solid-state”

"The idea of a hybrid valve and solid-state amplifier might not be new but what made this amplifier so very special for me was how well the two gelled giving a highly musical yet detailed performance and always in control.”

"The bassline was full, more so than with my resident power amp, giving lots more energy to the performance."

"The KWH225i is very honest, not hiding anything at all”

"Overall, the KWH225i was incredibly clean and open with life-size imaging and feisty transients”

"Even at lower listening levels, the ModWright gave a succinct performance, but at fortissimo, the amplifier gave a stunning performance of flawless timing and engagement”

"If you have muscles to lift it, then this monolith of an amplifier will just make you smile at every phrase of music you listen to. This is American muscle but with feeling."


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