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Innuos' Statement Next-Gen Music Server impresses HiFi+'s Alan Sircom.

A recent review from Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ editor, outlines the major benefits of the upgraded Innuos Statement Next-Gen streamer—and why exactly it will be worth your while.

See highlights below, and for full product details and a link to the full review visit our product page linked here >Innuos Statement Next Gen<

Innuos Statement Next-Gen music streamer in a sleek black design showcasing its slot-loading drive and blue power indicator.

"It’s no small change to the performance, and that is extremely impressive."

"The new power supply transforms the Statement in ways I wasn’t expecting." "There’s a real sense of hash-free, low-noise musicality to the Statement’s sound;" "In fact, it improves almost every aspect of the Statement, and by no small margin." "Now, thanks to the app, it moves from ‘invisible music helper’ to, essentially, Jeeves."

Angled view of the Innuos Statement Next-Gen streamer emphasizing its modern black finish and distinctive brand engraving.

"By upgrading the power supply, the Statement more than keeps its seat at digital’s top table"

" the Statement has even more precision and control, more dynamic range and energy." "...but here the sound had the sort of dimensionality and finesse

normally associated with ‘straight outta CD’."

"It manages your music collection so elegantly and instinctually,

your interaction with music becomes that bit more effortless."

"But perhaps the biggest change to the sound is in its dynamic range; t

his has got at once more intense and better controlled."

Promotional graphic for the Innuos Statement music server detailing its innovative power supply and EMI-optimized motherboard.

"The Statement sounds noticeably better when played through USB,

ather than letting another product act as streaming front-end."

"...the app helps transform your relationship with the Statement too, making it an even

more powerful addition to your system. It’s truly excellent!" "The Statement has always been a flexible source component—it’s your invisible music helper,

ripping and streaming its way around your collection."

"If the Next‑Gen pushes the Statement past affordability, know Next‑Gen is gently ticking away at your psyche and it will happen. It’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’! "

Rear view of the Innuos Statement Next-Gen showing its comprehensive array of audio connectivity options.

"...the only nuance is “can I afford the full package now?” because if the answer is even remotely close to ‘yes’, you will buy the Statement+Next‑Gen package." "The original Innuos Statement set a standard that placed it squarely in among the best of the best, and the Next-Gen power supply raises its banner even higher." "I’ve had some experience of the Statement first hand and it has always struck me as being a powerful and detailed performer with excellent soundstaging and great presence in the room."

"The performance of the Innuos Statement has long been at the pinnacle of music server performance and the Next-Gen power supply pushes that performance into new and uncharted territory."

"It offers what must be the best balance between performance and price for that absolute pinnacle of high-end digital streaming and music serving can currently provide."

Close-up of the Innuos Statement Next-Gen music servers stacked, highlighting the elegant geometric design and matte finish.

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