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Mission 770 Standmount Loudspeaker given "Applause award" by Stereonet

Mission's 770 loudspeaker has proven itself to Stereonet's David Price who is pleased to give them their renowned "Applause award".

See highlights below or find the full review at Stereonet or for the full product details see our product page

"It makes pretty much any type of music you play a real occasion."

"clean enough to take you directly to the recording itself"

"...via the new Mission, it came alive."

"this speaker belted everything out with ease, staying smooth and composed even at really high volumes."

"It sounds dextrous, detailed, articulate and expressive ..."

"...makes pretty much any type of music that you play with it fun."

"the new 770 makes an impressively capacious, room-filling sound"

"It's less music-dependant, less coloured, more detailed and more dynamic."

"it's no slouch with rhythms and has an effortless, unforced quality that you don't get from your average 'tower' floor stander these days."


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