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Raidho TD1.2 wins 6moons rare "Lunar Eclipse" award!

6moons' Srajan Ebaen was so won over by Raidho's new TD1.2 standmount / bookshelf loudspeakers, he couldn't help but pin his top award on it's mighty chest.

Read some highlights below—or visit our product page here for full details—where you'll also find a link to the review in full.

"The TD1.2's resolution gap was unexpectedly pronounced. It rejigged my own game and appreciation for what's possible”

"The TD1.2's extra growth past my comfort zone of prior encounters set a new mark. It had me play in a higher league and octave. It meant a jump not a step”

"It was a proverbial have cake and eat it moment.”

"Now Raidho's diamond over tantalum over ceramic over aluminium tech with wind-slip high-gauss motor and big planar tweeter represents my very best possible.”

"Though at undeniable money mayhem for a wild wallet whammy, that's hi-rez done right. The means don't compromise the end. No prima donna antics. The fat lady never comes. Instead it's Zorba the Greek dancing on the beach.”

"The secret to the TD1.2's success isn't found in its individual ingredients but their skillful interplay and overall balance.”

"Its legitimately higher resolution and lower distortion also mean that fully present conditions establish at already low SPL. There's virtually no shift as one manipulates volume inside a range suited to a 40m2-plus room. Things just get louder or quieter”

"The mastery of Raidho's TD.1.2 is how its exotic deluxe parts sum into the final experience.”

"There can be no night at the Oscars without an award. My inner enthusiast sees a rare celestial alignment of a Lunar Eclipse."

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