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SOtM products pick up PPS awards…

Our selection of two players, a power supply and isolation transformer from Korea's SOtM earn awards from Pursuit Perfect System's Terry Ellis following this great video summary. The iSO-CAT6 was awarded PPS' 'Bang For Buck' award, whilst the other three products were all bestowed with their 'Essential Audition' endorsement.

Watch the review in full below—or find this and other video reviews here.

The products being reviewed (click each for product page) are:

• The sPS-500 Power Supply (£550)

Quotes on the sMS-200 Neo Mini:

"I started with the Mini and I am very happy to report that I think it is one of those rare HiFi products that is essentially ‘perfect’."

“… it’s a perfect HiFi product for what it is and what it costs”

“…to my surprise the 200 Neo Mini sounded fantastic, absolutely fantastic.”

"Serious Bang for Buck Award is granted in recognition of a products stand out high performance being significantly greater than its perceived price point.

The SOtM sMS-200 Neo is very much deserved of this award"

Quotes on the sMS-200Ultra Neo:

"Listening to the Ultra you might automatically assume it will be like the Mini but on steroids… but its really quite different sounding— it sounds like its been tuned with different priorities in mind”

"Listening to the Ultra using the included power supply it sounds crisper … its less thick sounding, more open, more precise, more analytical and more upfront”

“…the Ultra is trying to get you closer to the music, to give you a more vividly detailed wider and more open sounding window into the music”

Quotes on the sPS-500 power supply:

"the sound quality significantly improved justifying the additional cost”

“…adding the sPS-500 power supply to the Ultra with the iSO-CAT6 was like the icing on the cake, again helping to smooth the sound, improving clarity…"

"The sPS-500 helped to smooth out and round off the rough edges and also improve clarity even more and make the overall sound feel more open and wider in its soundstage"

Quotes on the iSO-CAT6 isolation transformer:

"Installing the iSO-CAT 6 before the 200 Mini made an interesting difference to the musical presentation, everything grew up, everything got bigger, more solid and the main elements of the sound stage popped more from the background. Its a very noticeable difference…”

"I found the effect of adding the iSO-CAT6 so dramatic in terms of an improvement I would say its an essential to use…”

“…definitely something to put at the top of your shopping list."


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