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Stereonet Applauds the Hana SL Mono Cartridge

The Hana SL Mono Moving Coil Cartridge has been awarded Stereonet's 'Applause Award' by reviewer John Pickford—who described it as a 'must hear' for any fans of authentic monophonic audio.

See some highlights from the review below—and find more product details plus a link to the full review on our product page by clicking this link: Hana SL Mono Moving Coil Cartridge.

Hana SL Mono Moving Coil Cartridge with Stereonet Applause Award badge, showcasing the cartridge's sleek black design with the brand logo and model name in white.

"...surprisingly quiet and yet packs a big punch thanks to a solid, controlled bass response."

"The SL Mono delights in the impact and rawness of classic recordings,"

"Who knew that bass weight was lurking in the grooves all along?"

"...revels in the rhythm and swing of the music."

"...the SL Mono revealed hitherto hidden depths while unearthing the treble information lost to the stereo Micro Ace."

"It sounds fulsome and makes the most of oftentimes bass-shy recordings from the fifties and sixties."

Close-up of the Hana SL Mono Moving Coil Cartridge highlighting its intricate design and delicate needle, with a focus on the SL Mono text branding.

"...the absence of spurious groove noise made for a smoother, more musically involving listen." "...the verve, drive and excitement were ramped-up by the Hana as the track galloped along."

"It's as though the superior mono tracking ability of the Hana digs out more music from the grooves, giving a more complete account of what's actually in the recording."

"Records I thought of as being in 'very good condition' (dealer shorthand for 'almost knackered') suddenly seem to have been upgraded to near-mint! "

"While this mono cartridge delights in the impact and rawness of those jukebox classics, it also revels in the rhythm and swing of cool post-bop jazz."

"Hana's superb SL Mono cartridge is a must-hear for anyone serious about authentic, no-compromise monophonic audio."

"Hana vividly reveals the studio acoustic in which it was recorded, rounding out the fluid, melodic bass line in all its glory."

 A detailed view of the Hana SL Mono Cartridge mounted on a tonearm, showing the elegant curvature of the cartridge body and the precise engineering of its components.


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