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Wharfedale ELYSIAN speakers score 5 star What Hi-Fi? review

Following publication of their 5 Star review for Wharfedale's Diamond 12.3 floorstanders, What Hi-Fi? have also shown their love for another speaker series from the brand—with the ELYSIAN 4 also scoring top marks.

See highlights below, then read the review in full at What Hi-Fi? online—and check out the product page for more detail and to order…

"Tonally, these Wharfedales are smooth and admirably refined”

"Large-scale crescendos are dispatched with confidence, the Elysians punching out sound with real venom.”

"The gloss is wonderfully deep and luxurious, and in our experience unmatched at this level.”

"These floorstanders deliver a combination of scale, authority and dynamic punch that most price rivals can’t match”

"The Wharfedale’s sound is full of detail, which is organised in a natural and intuitive way. We like the way these monster floorstanders express… dynamic nuances and the skill with which they communicate instrumental textures.”

"When it comes to build, engineering content and performance, they have little to fear from any rival."

"these big Wharfedales represent excellent value.”

"If all this talk of muscle and physicality suggests a lack of finesse or subtlety, you’re mistaken”

"…'Clare De Lune' highlights the Elysian 4’s lovely treble performance and the way these towers track dynamic shifts so diligently. We’re hooked and have no choice but to listen right to the end, hanging on every last note as we do so.”

"It’s an unforced presentation that’s comfortable and easy-going without sounding bland. There’s a great deal of analysis on offer, but the musical experience always comes first.”

"That AMT tweeter is a good one: it combines resolution with smoothness, delivering the highs sweetly without lacking bite. And that’s a difficult balance to strike.”

"Stereo imaging is impressive, too.”

"It’s clear that Wharfedale now has another jewel in its crown.”


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