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Aqua LinQ & La Scala excite HiFi+

The Italian brand's network interface and DAC wow reviewer Jason Kennedy—who just didn't want to give them back…

See some highlights below, or read the full review here—and find much more information on or product pages—for the LinQ here or the La Scala here.

"Every once in a while, the reviewing malarkey unveils a product that is so exciting that all you can do is sit back and play as much music as possible before the plus size lady sings, or in this case the editor demands copy. This pairing from Aqua in Italy turned out to be just such a product, OK it’s two pieces but put them together and you have one hell of a digital streaming system.”

“It’s almost as if the streamer is stripping away everything that isn’t music and presenting the DAC with the signal alone in a precise yet fluent form that sounds so right it’s uncanny.”

“It reduces the low-level grunge that undermines digital audio to a far greater extent than most streamers, this isn’t something you are necessarily aware of until it’s gone or you play a vinyl record on a great turntable. Here it seems to have totally disappeared.”

“It’s listening at a higher level, chakras fully aligned with the light of musical communication precisely focused yet natural in its pinpoint imaging and dynamic energy”

"In short, I want one!”


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