Tracing roots through Marantz, Dynaco, SAE, SUMO Electric, Great American Sound Company (GAS), Constellation Audio and his last self-started company, Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST), James Bongiorno's imprint on the audio industry was as wide as it was deep. Recognized as one of the "pioneers of audio" by The Absolute Sound magazine and one of the preeminent audio designers of our time, Mr. Bongiorno is credited with designing the first full dual-differential complementary amplifier topology that is the basis for nearly all modern solid-state amplifiers today. Certainly the name “Ampzilla” is one many audiophiles around the world fondly remember as one of the most popular amplifiers developed. James' circuit topologies are the stuff of legend, lore and imitation. His deep love for the music drove his desires to create timeless works of audio art and in the end he created a lasting legacy realized in his ultimate creations— the products for Spread Spectrum Technologies.


 I’ve never heard better electronics in any system of
mine with which I’ve had long familiarity, while the shortest of short lists would be sufficient to contain the few that seem to me in the same league.

Paul Seydor | The Absolute Sound