"Placing the platform under my CD player, I immediately hear more information in the soundstage. Fitting it under my turntable results in an improvement in midrange clarity while the bass tightens, giving more punch and attack. Everything sounds cleaner as though the music has been lifted further from the noise floor."

RECOMENDED|Hi-Fi Choice - Nov 2016


bFly - Audio

bFly-audio provides NATURAL SOUND

They have been working in the field of high-end equipment for more than ten years and aim to give music fans the opportunity of acquiring high-value products that provide a unique world of sound at an affordable price.  They develop and manufacture vibration absorbers, separates bases, analogue accessories and tuning for LINN LP12 and THORENS TD Tuning.

Speaker units fitted with spikes tend to suffer an audible deterioration in sound with even the slightest instability of the floor. Rubber dampers for loudspeakers do not absorb the vibrations as well as resonance dampers for loudspeakers made from sorbothane.  They equip their products with this material as it has excellent damping qualities.  They combine sorbothane with bTec, a material of their own creation, to specifically filter low frequencies.