Designed and built in Denmark with beauty, simplicity, functionality and an extremely elegant user interface, Gato Audio electronics possess both brute strength and finesse to bring the subtlest musical details to life with precision and authority. Gato Audio loudspeakers are lavishly constructed of the finest materials with laminated cabinets, state of the art Danish high end drivers, and carefully calibrated heavy-duty crossover networks to provide breath-taking concert hall performance in a beautiful yet compact form. Gato Audio brings state of the art performance and quality to beautiful life.


Because Gato Audio is defined as a network of talented developers with central project and business management, we face no restrictions or limitations in our product development and design work. Exceedingly rare in our industry, Gato Audio can from the very beginning deliver a complete high end sound system, from digital source, amplification to loudspeakers with unrivalled performance built on a unique combination of specialized experience and finely honed engineering skills.

...the Gatos transform my listening space into a concert hall and make the illusion perfect; you think you're in the first row, you forget time and space...

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