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August 21, 2020

Over 3 years ago, Antipodes Audio launched Project OLADRA! The objective of Antipodes’ OLADRA project is to design music servers from the bottom up to be both low noise and high bandwidth. Because zero noise and infinite bandwidth are unattainable, there is also a need to find the best trade-offs between noise and bandwidth at different parts of the circuit, which leans more towards the art of objective listening than science...

August 1, 2020

'Having let it run for a few days I can honestly say the Puritan is an absolute game changer in terms of what it offers in improvement in sound quality...'

July 28, 2020

'Every single detail of the mix is delivered through the Aqua LinQ into whichever DAC you choose to use with it, and it’s a sound you’ll find yourself listening to repeatedly, just to hear those little nuances in Dylan’s near-spoken vocals.'

July 17, 2020

Audio Physic, the German loudspeaker manufacturer, celebrates its 35th birthday and gives three legendary loudspeakers a terrific upgrade. AVANTI 35, TEMPO 35, and STEP 35 have been entirely technically redesigned.

July 15, 2020

Nestling in the stunning countryside of Gut Raucherberg, Bavaria, ULTRASONE have over 25 years of experience and passion developing audiophile-grade headphones. The acclaimed German manufacturer claim to have created a unique, natural sound with their offering. ULTRASONE’s patented S-Logic® technology forms the soul of their headphones and allows them to create a previously unrivalled wide soundstage.

June 11, 2020

Without question I would endorse marks review comments that when streaming this is without question the best £350 you’ll spend... unless the tech is embedded in your rig. For reference I stream from an innuos with roon core.

June 5, 2020

In the July Issue of Hi-Fi News, the incredible Vinnie Rossi L2i ‘Signature Edition’ Integrated Amplifier was awarded the highly respected 'Editor's Choice Award' - although I think it's fair to say we thought it might :)

Reviewed by the formidable Ken Kessler and the Lab Tests undertaken by the highly respected Paul Miller, the final verdict of the review was...

'An upside to being a downsizing pensioner: I’m not buying any mor...

May 18, 2020

Elite Audio are excited to announce that they have teamed up with another highly respected International Hi-Fi manufacturer – this time it’s the original modification specialists, ModWright Instruments!  Exclusively available in the UK through Elite Audio.

Founded in 2000 in Washington USA, this acclaimed manufacturer established itself as a specialist in modifying digital products.  In providing cost-effective mods that s...

March 20, 2020

Although our beautiful showroom is currently closed to visitors, and we have had to postpone our Spring Showroom Spectacular, we will still be available to answer every call, respond to every email and continue to deliver the very best customer experience that has become synonymous with Elite Audio.

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